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When you think about leadership, what comes to mind? It has been said that leadership is influence1. But leadership is much more than just influence.
It is influencing others to come on the journey with you; influencing others to achieve a common goal or a common purpose.

Transformational leaders build on strong vision and mission, allowing space for creativity and empowering relationships with those they lead to achieve the purpose.

As a leader there are many ways we can do this, that reflect our strengths and abilities and unique leadership styles.

Reflect on the following statements and questions. They are aimed at helping you think through some key leadership areas.

1. Leadership is influencing others to achieve a common purpose.

Who do you influence?

What area is your sphere of influence and how does your influence impact others?

How can you develop your leadership influence? This might  mean you need to identify the things that are hindering you from growing and developing as a leader.

2. Leadership aims to be transformational for you and your team.

What is your inner self like and what transformation would you like to see in your self and others?

How do you maintain the right attitude and care for others when the going gets tough or you need to bring a challenge or correction to your team?

Think of transformational (or servant) leaders that you know of in your world. What do they do differently to other leaders.

You might also like to read about other examples of transformational or servant leadership such as that displayed by leaders such as Tim Costello, Nelson Mandella, Jesus or Gandhi.

3. Leadership is knowing how to focus on key people and key priorities.

Are you a people focussed or task focussed person?

How does this affect you style of leadership?

What are the strengths and weaknesses of your leadership style?

How can you use your strengths to develop areas that are not so strong?

How are you balancing the urgent versus the important?

What do you need to focus on now to get your priorities right?

4. Leadership means others are following you. This most likely means you have a team of people that you lead.

What are you doing to create synergy in your team?

What challenges are you facing in this area and what will you do about it?

How can your team work more effectively together?

5. Leadership is raising other leaders, not just followers.

How will you develop and raise up other leaders?

What qualities are you looking for in others? (Do you display these qualities yourself?)

How might coaching and mentoring others help build your team and raise up leaders?

Underlying all this is your character. Your character matters.

What areas of your character are your strengths?

What areas do you need to work on?

How will you use your strengths to develop areas of your character that need work?

(1)  John Maxwell Developing the Leader Within You