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Have you ever wondered what it is that brings out the best in you?

We have been in lockdown now for more than 13 weeks. It feels like forever. In fact over the last 2 years our world and our way of working has changed forever. We have found new ways of working and new ways of connecting mostly out of necessity. We’ve realised what is most important to us and we hope for stability in the future.

Whether we have external national and world stability remains to be seen. We can however use this time to build an internal stability, and internal locus of strength and character, that remains no matter the external circumstances. This internal locus can be called many things.

Today as I write I’m reflecting on the things that build that internal locus. It is sometimes referred to as self leadership, having good boundaries, having a strong character of integrity. It is all these things and more

So how do we build strength internally to bring out the best in us when all around seems chaos? Here’s some thoughts:

1. Build self awareness. Not self focus but awareness. Awareness of how you behave in certain circumstances; awareness of your thought patterns, and awareness of your personality tendencies.

Once aware you can begin to learn how to choose different behaviours and thought patterns. These are often based on our values, so understanding your values is also a key part of bringing out your best.

2. Choose who you listen to. Not everyone is here to speak into your life. Who are those that you know bring out the best in you. Surround yourself with these people; people who are positive, who build you up and are willing to challenge you.

People who are constantly negative and griping will wear you down quickly but those that bring out the best in you will empower you. Who is in your life that you feel light and happy when you are with them.

3. Take time to do what you love. Whether it’s walking by the ocean, being alone in nature, reading a good book or listening to music, their will be something, an activity or hobby, that you always feel great after doing. This activity will nourishe your soul.

Our souls need rest and care. Take time to regularly nourish your soul. We often put this aside in the desire to be productive. I know from experience that ignoring soul health does not create greater productivity. It creates greater stress and anxiety.

4. Seek the spiritual. Spirituality, whatever that looks like for you, is important in our lives. Spirituality helps us understand our purpose, our reason for being. For me, this is my faith as a follower of Jesus. What is it for you?.

So here’s some questions to ponder or answer in your journal:

1. What are you doing to build a stronger sense of self awareness?

2. Who are you listening to?

3. What are you doing regularly to nourish your soul?

4. How are you developing your sense of spirituality.?

If you want to investigate this more, connect with me at or book a free appointment through my calendly link and we can help you move forward.