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Bringing out the best.

Have you ever wondered what it is that brings out the best in you? We have been in lockdown now for more than 13 weeks. It feels like forever. In fact over the last 2 years our world and our way of working has changed forever. We have found new ways of working and new...
Recovering from Mistakes

Recovering from Mistakes

Learning From Our Mistakes Have you ever made a mistake? I know I have.How did you feel when you discovered you had made a mistake? Were you embarrassed, or afraid that you would lose your job, or your position. Maybe you were worried that it would impact on your...
Recovering from Mistakes

Creating a Great Team

If you’re a leader then you will have a team that you work with. Teams that work well together can achieve so much more than what each individual alone could achieve. This is because great teams have a synergy about them that leads to greater productivity. But...