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Lots of people with great journals and journals ideas that look fantastic. I see the ads all over Facebook.

Thing is: i love the idea; I love creative journals and productivity journals and art journals. I have had them all at some stage. BUT and its a big BUT, they mostly don’t work well for me.

I use them for a while, lose them, put them in safe places, allocate special uses for them,and find them 5 years later. I will maybe use them again at some stage and the process will start again.

I have my own system (if you could call it that) that works most of the time. It probably seems chaotic to others but as much as I try to ‘organise’ I end up less organised and frustrated. I also dislike unfinished things so this creates a tug-of-war of competing interests in my brain. (Oh yes,  it can be a mine-field for the uninitiated) but it works for me.

My point is I guess that different things work for different people in all areas of life. Find what works for you and don’t be put off by those that tell you there way is the best or only way. You are unique and what works for you is going to be unique as well.