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Are you are procrastinator? Do you put off what you know you need to do because you have so many things to think about so nothing gets started?

What gets you motivated? What will keep you on track once you start? What is motivation anyway?

It seems there are many people willing to help you overcome procrastination but my guess is that most of us actually work this out pretty quickly. It only takes a very short conversation to realise the reasons we procrastinate. Maybe it’s because we are afraid to get something wrong, or it won’t be good enough or we don’t feel qualified enough. The truth is that we often self sabotage for these reasons.

For me, the question is not so much why we procrastinate, but what is it that helps us put value on what we do. I notice that when I place value on what I do, I’m much more motivated to do it and do it well. One of my friends, Dianne, who is a rapid results coach and spending planner has a great tool helping people find value alignment in their lives, not just with spending but in life and work.

I went through this with her recently and it was amazing how aligning my values helped me to clarify what I wanted to do and what my next steps would be.

I’ve made some adjustments to my life and also to how I practise my own coaching. The amazing thing is that having done this, I’m now clearer on how I want my values to impact what I do, how I work and even the kind of work I do as a coach an a social support worker. (I’m pivoting a little towards leadership wellbeing so I will still be coaching my signature programs but my focus will include your wellbeing, as well as your leadership.)

And – I’m less inclined to procrastinate. The motivation to change and move forward did not need to be forced, summoned from the depths or pushed on me. I found myself freshly motivated to begin things I’d been putting off, finish things I’d started and to feel confident that I knew where I was headed. (If you would like to work with my friend Dianne I’ll put her details at the bottom of the blog.)

So if you are a procrastinator, for whatever reason, think about your values and your value alignment. Are your values aligned with what you do? Is their a dissonance between your values and how you live and the work you do? You can change from procrastination to motivation. Sure, there’ll be ups and downs along the way, but I know as a coach that as we place value on what we do we are more likely to be motivated to do it.

If you would like to work with Dianne on aligning your values or on your spending habits, her details are .

As always, I can be contacted at or book through calendly at https://calendly.com/jill-1763/30min