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I hope that you all had a Christmas to remember. Ours certainly was, between sick grandchildren and Covid restrictions for some family members it certainly gave the Christmas week a different feel and a Christmas to remember.

I was reminded to be thankful for family and friends and for technology that, despite the restrictions here and overseas, has enabled us to ‘see’ family even when we can’t be together.

For our family we celebrate the holiday season with family and friends and remember the birth of a Saviour, but for others, this time of year has a different meaning. Whatever it means for you together with family or by yourself, I hope you were able to in some way find peace this season.

As covid begins to affect more and more each week, it’s important to ensure that we take care of ourselves. I believe that an holistic approach, body, soul and spirit enables us to find the balance and peace we need. If like me you struggle with emotional and mental health, please take care of yourself during this time. I am grateful for family and friends who have supported me and enabled me to navigate what was a difficult season for me.

Into the new year, I’m looking for ways to develop my spiritual life and my spirituality. To deepen this aspect of my life. I would love you to join me on that journey. I will be posting dates and times in the new year.

Take Care.